Choosing the right IPAF Training Course

We have tailored IPAF packages to meet your specific requirements

Training Course NoCategories Min. Nooperatives Max. Nooperatives Course Length
IPAF – PAL Certificate 1 3 6 1 Day
IPAF – PAL Certificate 2 2 4 1 Day
IPAF – PAL+ Certificate¥ 1 3 6 1 Day
IPAF – PAL+ Certificate¥ 2 2 4 1 Day


¥ This IPAF Course is only open to experienced operators who hold a relevant current PAL licence & can only be delivered at one of our depots
* This IPAF Course can be provided by our sister company, 1st Access Rentals.

IPAF courses can be tailored to meet your needs, in terms of whether you wish to complete the PAL or PAL+; the categories of machinery you want to cover, and the skill level you wish to attain.

Categories Available

The categories available relate to the types of equipment we can provide training for. These include:
  • Static Vertical (vertical personnel platforms)
  • Static Boom (self-propelled booms or outriggers; trailers/push-arounds; vehicle-mounted platforms)
  • Mobile Vertical (scissor lifts; vertical personnel mobile platforms)
  • Mobile Boom (self-propelled booms)
  • Push-Around Vertical, or PAV
  • Special equipment (see below).

Special equipment (SPECIAL) refers to specialist machinery that is usually only required in very challenging or particular environments. These include:

  • Mast-climbing work platforms (MCWP)
  • Insulated Aerial devices (IAD)
  • Harness Use & Inspection (H)
  • Loading & Unloading (LOAD)
  • MEWPs for Managers (MM).

Each of these courses can be completed at an advanced level is the operative has successfully completed a PAL+ course and owns a PAL+ card. This is an optional, one-day course and will entail additional training and testing for the machine category indicated.

Types of Operatives

Our IPAF training courses can be tailored for the following types of operative:

  • Operators (those who will be learning to prepare and safely operate various types of MEWPs)
  • PAL+ (more skilled operators who have completed a PAL course and are working in more challenging or higher risk environments)
  • Demonstrators (those who will be familiarising operators with their responsibilities, demonstrating preparatory procedures and practices of safe operation, and explaining the limitations of MEWPs)
  • Instructors (those who wish to understand the IPAF training programme and its delivery in more detail, as well as demonstrate their knowledge of the machinery and their ability to relay information effectively).

Additional Advanced Courses

Here at Kimberley Access we also provide IPAF training for the following instructor courses for more advanced operatives:

  • Harness Use & Inspection (H) – teaches a user how to inspect, select and use the appropriate harness and its accompanying equipment correctly
  • Loading & Unloading (LOAD) – teaches instructors the correct safety procedures for loading, unloading and securing of equipment, both before and after travel
  • MEWPs for Managers (MM) – a one-day course for those who plan, monitor and oversee the use of MEWPs in the workplace.

Further information on IPAF Training

Training takes a full day which consists of “classroom theory”, “practical training” and an “assault course test”. Class sizes are kept small, both for safety reasons and to maximise effective and long-term learning.

Training is also available at our depots throughout the UK or direct on site¥. All classes are regularly audited by IPAF and available in many languages. Training centers are regularly updated on new events and changing practices regarding mobile elevated equipment.

Cards and certification (validation of 5 years) will be posted to your stated delivery address upon receipt from IPAF/PASMA.

If you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Telephone: 0870 066 6684

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